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We exist to create timeless, functional and enjoyable spaces fit for your lifestyle, taking your ideas and desires for a space and giving them shape and form.

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We start by getting to know each other

Renovations are an incredibly personal experience. We know the value in seeing everyone for who they are, so we start there. If you're a homeowner requiring an experienced cabinetmaker for a bespoke kitchen or a designer seeking premium cabinetry solutions, Bespoke Kitchens and Cabinets will be able to provide you the perfect outcome as your chosen manufacturing partner. Our cabinetmakers have specialised in high-end residential and commercial cabinetry for over 35 years; we are experts in executing a vision for an interior design and our cabinetmakers are set on always raising the bar.

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From our workshop in Saint Johns, Auckland to your home in any part of New Zealand, our cabinetmakers can transform any space. Whether it's a new-build home, kitchen remodel or a commercial project, our skilled designers and craftsmen bring a wealth of experience to every cabinetry project. With a penchant for quality construction methods and finishing, we specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of custom kitchens, built in wardrobes, bathroom vanities, bespoke cabinetry and furniture, creating for you, cabinetry that will stand the test of time. Our Auckland cabinetmakers are experts in crafting bespoke solutions that offer unparalleled levels of sophistication and functionality.

White bathroom vanity and wall hung cabinetry

Our latest projects

At Bespoke Kitchens and Cabinets, we're perfectionists that are committed to crafting beautiful, timeless spaces with integrity. Explore our latest cabinetry projects with designs that range from profound boldness to subtle, calm and minimalistic. Our work reflects the perfect blend of holistic design and premium construction that clients have come to expect from our cabinetmakers.

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Crafting your unique home

The space we create together will give shape and form to your home, where each element has to be perfect and bespoke to you. It must never be a poignant reminder of what could have been. Your home will last generations and our collaborative creation will help to create the lifestyle you desire for those around you. Your kitchen is the beating heart of your home, a space that will bust a gut for you and handle the daily mayhem for years to come. A bespoke kitchen is not just a choice, it's a necessity. Ready to chat?

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