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Timeless, functional cabinetry bespoke to your lifestyle.

A beautiful wood and black style kitchen

Design and craftsmanship

Founded by a meticulous cabinetmaker, we provide premium, affordable cabinetry solutions. We work closely with clients to design and build custom kitchens, cabinetry and furniture that reflects their unique style.

Premium cabinetry solutions

Based in Auckland, we specialise in crafting bespoke solutions that offer sophistication and functionality. Our craftsmen have designed, manufactured and installed kitchens, laundries, wardrobes, bathrooms, alfresco areas, furniture and custom cabinetry.

Extracting hidden potential

Zealously methodical, our craftsmen have built a reputation for delivering outstanding results with integrity. Every project is directly managed, engineered, constructed and installed by us. No standard modules, no outsourcing and no fluff - our work is quality guaranteed.

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Crafting your UNIQUE HOME

The space we create together will give shape and form to your home, where each element is perfect and bespoke to you. We know the value of seeing everyone for who they are, so we always begin there. Let's chat.

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